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Pool Cleaner


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Keeping your home in top shape can feel like a full-time job. From ensuring the HVAC system is up and running to cleaning the house from top to bottom, the list of chores seems never-ending. But when you stay up to date with regular maintenance, your home will be a better environment for everyone. As you plan your weekly to-do list, don’t forget about pool maintenance! Pools and spas need frequent upkeep to make sure they stay in working order. Luckily, VPS offers weekly pool maintenance services so you can focus your time on other things. Allow our experienced technicians at VPS take to this worry you’re your hands.

Our thought process:

We believe in 5 important factors in maintaining a clean, clear, and operational pool...

Summer Swim

⦁    Healthy, Clean Water! Our local water supply contains high amounts of minerals.  Wrong pool chemicals can add to this problem in a short amount of time.  Our philosophy is to use the least amount of chemicals possible to achieve optimum water balance.
⦁    Efficient Water Flow! The introduction of variable-speed pumps has enabled the ability to "dial in" proper water flow... while driving down energy costs.  Water needs to move at the proper speed!
⦁    Proper Filtration!  Today's high-capacity cartridge filters provide great filtration, save on wasted water from backwashing sand filters, and eliminate the need for water-flow restricting backwash valves.  D.E. filters provide superb clarity, helping eliminate contaminants in pool water before they become an issue.
⦁    Functioning Cleaning System! Having a working automatic cleaning system is vital in keeping the pool surface clean of debris and dirt... and free of staining.  If dirt is continuously removed from the surface, algae has a more difficult time flourishing.
⦁    A Dependable And Professional Pool Maintenance Technician!  Our job is to not only oversee all of the items listed above... but to make sure your pool is in the best condition possible.​


Our Service Protocol..

⦁    Correct Chemical Implementation: The chemicals we implement are the most effective and pure form of chemicals we can use to treat our hard Nevadan water.  No calcium oxidation or sanitation by-products are used in our pools. 
⦁    Thorough Cleaning:  Our pool service technicians are trained to keep your pool clean!  Brushing the surface, walls, and waterline tile are critical in preventing stains on the interior finish, along with keeping algae out of the pool.
⦁    Preventative Maintenance:  Detecting any issues with pool equipment or water is critical in saving the pool from turning stagnant, or creating a new set of issues.  Our technicians are trained to detect and report issues immediately. There are absolutely no service call charges if we have to send our Repair Technician to your pool.
⦁    Dependability:  All of our pool care technicians are trained one way... the VPS way!  You can count on our staff to provide great customer service, always doing whatever it takes to make sure your pool is running and looking to the it's best capabilities.  There is nothing we won't do for our client!
⦁    Communication:  This is a critical facet of our business that we work on every day!  You can expect quick, clear, and concise communication.  During each visit, we record and submit pool data and pictures.  All of the information is immediately shared and categorized for easy reference.

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